Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This past week in lab was a little more interesting than most. For starters a curve ball was thrown at us in the beginning of class by our teacher, which really just made me want to do better. Secondly, the students must have had an exsessive intake of some sort of sugar because their energy level was through the roof! From the second we walked in the St. Mary's students were running around screaming and not wanting to sit down. For our observation part of the lab it was a little hectic because you can never really tell what to expect you simply just have to be prepared to adjust. Today was no different. Not only were the students hyper but there was also around double the number of students than normal. It was just another learnign experience for us.
For this lab, I was a part of the Pre-K group. Walking in this was something I didn't know what to be expecting because it was our first time. Overall it went well. We read a book in the classroom, the students immediately were drawn to us, wanting to sit next to us and do everything we were doing. After we read we did a coloring project which also went very well. Once we got into the gym the energy level hit an all time high and it became very challenging to keep their attention to even explain the game.
As always ,it was a learning experience and a great time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shoot for the Stars

Thank you St. Marys for allowing us the opportunity to come and teach! It is greatly appreciated.