Friday, March 25, 2011

Staying Fit!

Physical education is so much more complex than what meets the eye. I personally love sports; team sports, individual sports, you name it I will play it. But there is so much more to physical education than just sports and game. It’s an understanding of the body, how it develops, how to control movements, and how to react when your body is telling you that it has reached its limit. Yes, physical education involves sports and games but what about the other aspect of it? What about your actual body. For example, the health aspect of the major. Do physical educators actually discuss with their students the importance of healthy eating, or the importance of the FITT principle? Students should know and understand how important to your health daily fitness and a good diet actually is. Obesity is at an all-time high and we as physical educators have to take a stand and educate students on how to prevent obesity. We also should express to them the importance of the FITT principle and how it can help you in your future years of life by lessening your risk of heart disease. It makes me sad to see over-weight/obese people or adults struggling with health issues and it makes so much sense to incorporate that aspect of physical education in daily lessons. Over the years we have learned so much about our bodies that we need to do a better job of making people more aware of what can benefit them and what can do harm to them in for their future.