Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wild Wild Westttt!

Just being part of the swishy pants club? I think not. Being in the physical education program is much more than that. Over the past few weeks I continued to learn more and more on how to properly approach certain situations, and also how to handle an entire class of kids with a short attention span. Granted, there is obviously so much to learn but I feel as though that even with few past few weeks under my belt I am getting closer to becoming a Physical Educator.
This past week in lab we went to St. Mary's but we went in style. The theme of the week was Western so most of us took that as an opportunity to really bring the theme to life by dressing up. We all arrived in our cowboy hats and plaid shirts ready to teach our games.

This week I was with the second through fifth graders. Being in costume really got their attention and made them more excited to participate in your games. We structured games around the Western theme to make it that much more fun! The children were great and loved all of our costumes and games.
Since they are a bit older and more physically developed they really like to play more competitive and challenging games. Their attention is still pretty short so it is important to keep your direction as brief as possible and to the point.